Another School Bus Success

The drivers and monitors who work at First Student in Rock Falls voted by a nearly 2-1 margin to join Teamsters Local 722. The 72 workers united over a need for affordable health insurance, respect and a say in their working conditions.

Here are some statements from the new Teamster members, who are excited about their victory, and ready to get to work on a Teamster contract:

“Achieving the “Yes” vote for the Teamsters is giving us all the chance for developing respect, creating unity in the workplace and making informed decisions for a structured future. Thank you to our Teamster brothers and sisters for all of their support!”     
Marlo Jasinski, driver

“I feel validated as a driver. I hope now to get the respect I have worked so hard to earn.”                 
Jamie Preston, driver

“Becoming Teamsters has brought us together as a strong team. It has given us the strength to make the company listen to our voice. This is a very proud moment for our yard.”                                                  
Denise Lehrer, monitor

“The vote (yes) was a very positive thing for us all. There is no “I” in Teamsters.”                                 
Robert “Bruce” Higley, driver