Why Carry A Union Card?

We love the following letter that was published in the September 1960 issue of Teamster magazine:

I carry a union card because it carries me into the hearts and thoughts and sympathetic understandings of millions of other average human beings with problems like my own. My card guarantees me a decent Living wage, decent working conditions and time to enjoy my home and family. It entitles me to the benefits of knowledge and experience of my fellow associates. It gives me social contact I enjoy. It creates within me confidence, good fellowship and a strong sense of security and well-being.

It promotes the brotherhood of man through honest work, fair bargaining, “live and let live” and a just reward for all. It stands for self-support and mutual advancement, which means unending progress. It advances patriotism, elevates my standards of thought and living, permits me time for cultural pursuits and spiritual thinking. It puts experience and mutual assistance behind weaker links in the chain of life and keeps the pace a steady one for all. It makes understandable and unforgettable the brotherhood of man.

These are the reasons why I am a labor unionist and why I carry a union card.

—Charles Daly, a 38-year Teamster at Local 753